Bring your kids, Bring your friends, Bring your date. There’s something for everybody.

Yenegew Bazaar connects families with entrepreneurs that will become the backbone of Ethiopia’s economy. We have an entertaining Sunday experience planned for you and your whole family.

Proudly celebrate what local artisans have to offer!

Yenegew Bazaar, held at the Hyatt on the third Sunday of each month, features 15 different MEs who are excited and eager to share with you what they’ve been working on!

Why We Do Yenegew

When you go shopping, what you see is a finished product sitting for display. What you often do not see is the sweat and tears that goes into sourcing and making the product. While most big businesses have an army of marketers, consultants and workers lined up in a factory, micro enterprises have no army. They are composed of just a handful of people, with factory-sized ambitions.

Yenegew Bazaar provides you with an opportunity to connect with and support these dreamers who will one day become the backbone of Ethiopia’s economy.

Let’s connect!

1st Yenegew Bazaar

The first of a series of Yenegew Bazaar events was successfully held at Hyatt Regency on May 16, 2021. It featured 15 different SMEs from Addis Ababa.

Congratulations to W&F Bamboo, the winner of the Customer’s Choice Award for the May Bazaar!


Yenegew Bazaar is an event series that will link customers with Micro Enterprises and their locally produced goods. With an underlying competitive aspect to improve the caliber of the enterprises, Yenegew ensures the provision of quality home grown products to buyers.

Even though Micro Enterprises should ideally create jobs, promote homegrown products and increase local purchase circulation due to their affordable cost, the morale and performance of these enterprises is currently underwhelming. The reputation they have from the masses is also dissatisfactory. Yenegew Bazaar comes at this challenge with a strategy that could mend their competitive spirit, their esteem and their reputation.

First, interested Micro Enterprises will register and be provided with training and consultation on aspects such as product packaging and marketing strategy to allow them to have the confidence to stand alongside bigger enterprises. The fair competition will motivate the vendors towards betterment in the quality of their products as well as their brands. And of course the feature on the bazaar will present them with visibility to their expectant customers in a fun, comfortable setting.

The best of the best will be rewarded after each event, not monetarily, but with further opportunities to expand their business and become an inspiration to incoming enterprises of tomorrow.

Images below: the first batch of SMEs receiving training on business development, communications, marketing and more under the Yenegew Initiative.


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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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